Australian Fishing Guide

Information & advice for targeting Australian fish species.

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Freshwater Fishing:
Trout Tactics, how to target trout species.
Rainbow & Brown Trout Lure Fishing.
Rainbow Trout History : The worlds most popular sporting fish.
We explore the American origins of the rainbow trout and how this paved the way for Australian introduction.
Understanding Redfin, Master of retrieves.
The most popular Redfin lure and burley techniques.
Introduction to Yellowbelly / Golden Perch Fishing.
Golden Perch information, locations, baits, lures and hook sizes.
Tracking Yellowbelly: Tactics for the popular native perch.
Fishing For Golden Perch. The Best Lures For Yellowbelly.
Macquarie Perch, our most beautiful perch in the most danger.
Macquarie Perch fishing history, historical stocking information, fishing locations and bait advice.
Jungle Perch Fishing in Queensland.
Introduction to the Jungle Perch, habitat, behaviour, popular baits, lures and hook sizes.
Fishing for Australian Bass and Estuary Perch.
Australian Bass traits, baits and lures, along with commonly used techniques.
Saltwater / Estuary Fishing:
Bagging bream, the secrets to success.
Catching Bream. Fishing with Bait & Lures.
Flathead off the edge.
Flathead Fishing. Catching flathead on lures, soft plastics & bait.
How to fish for Australian Whiting.
The basics for successfully targeting Australian Whiting.
General Fishing Information:
How to use lipless hard body crank baits.
We explain how to use lipless crank baits for people who are unfamiliar with this type of fishing lure.
Catching Fish or Fishermen? The reason low cost lures are a good choice.
Is there such thing as the one and only successful colour combination for a fishing lure?
How to choose the correct fishing lure colour.
Inducing a reaction strike from fish using correctly coloured fishing lure patterns.
Fishing priests and peaceful dispatch of fish.
How to kill fish using a fishing priest, by far the best method of dispatch.
Choosing the right fishing line for lures.
Comparing the benefits of different fishing lines, such as braided, regular monofilament and fluorocarbon.
Tips for introducing your child to fishing: Part 1.
Taking kids fishing is more than entertainment .
Tips for introducing your kids to fishing: Part 2.
Introducing kids to fishing in a way that hopefully prompts them to accept it as a regular activity. .
Location Based Fishing Information:
Trout Fishing in Tasmania, a hidden freshwater paradise. The Tyenna.
Brown & Rainbow Trout Fishing in Tasmanias Tyenna River.
Western Australia's Superb Salt Water Species.
Dhufish, Breaksea Cod and Samson fishing.
Third Time Lucky, Albert Park Australian Perch Fishing.
A history of recreational fishing and stocking at Melbourne's Albert Park Lake.
Patterson River Estuary Fishing Access in Patterson Lakes / Carrum, Victoria.
Guide and map to the best fishing spots for salt water species at the Patterson River Estuary.
Fishing Lures By Species:
Redfin Fishing Lures / Redfin Fishing Tackle / How To Catch Redfin.
Most popular style of fishing lures for redfin perch fishing, basics on how to catch redfin perch.
Fishing Clubs / Competition Fishing / Tournament Fishing:
How To Prepare For A Fishing Tournament / Competition.
How to begin in tournament / competitive fishing.