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Product Returns & Refunds Policy
Before returning your product, please read this entire document as it includes not only our return policy for products, but common solutions to problems some customers encounter.

Returns are accepted by post within 30 days from the date on the receipt you will receive when an order is posted to you. Please note we do not accept returns simply due to change of mind or preference. If the product you receive is defective or impropperly described on our website, we can offer you either an exchange for the same or similar product, or offer you a full refund on the item itself. Postage costs from both ourselves and yourself upon return are non refundable.

When returning items, we recommend either registered or express post. Regular post is also accepted however we will not be responsible for loss in the mail, in most cases return by regular post is fine. As most of our items are of low individual value, you may prefer regular post for the return method.

Please note that misuse or damage of our items during normal use, such as snagging a lure and causing damage, incorrectly tieing or using a low strength fishing knots and loosing items are common place in fishing and do not consitute a reason for return, nor are the items considered defective for this reason alone.

Before returning an item, please also consider whether any damage may have been accidentally incurred by yourself and your use of the product. If you believe the damage occured in a manner which is not regular place to similar products, then you are welcome to return them to us.

All returns must include a reason or explanation as to why the return was made, and clearly state the defect or problem with the item so we can inspect the returns. If a defect is not found, we reserve the right to return the item to you at no charge, no warranty will be accepted unless there is a clear defect or problem with the item which we can identify, the reason for this is we do not accept returns based on change of preference.

Please include your original order receipt (or a copy of the original receipt) when making a return to us, if this is not available we will accept the return provided you can provide the order receipt number, shipping contact name and shipping address of the original purchase.

If you made your payment using PayPal (Includes Visa / Mastercard Payments), then PayPal would have emailed you a receipt for the purchase, you can print and provide this information if you do not have an original receipt.

If you made payment via Bank Deposit, then you should have provided us with an order id number in the payment description, this would be appear in the following format 'UF123' with 123 being your order number. You can view your internet banking statement, which should display this order id number when you find details regarding your original payment to us.

Please also include a phone number to contact you on regarding your return, or an email address if preferred. Orders returned without order receipt numbers, invalid order receipt numbers and/or incorrect contact name and address details will not be accepted, and we will be unable to return your items to you as we will not have the required information to process your return.

Some items may only be suited to certain types of fishing rods and fishing line, we have tried our best to explain the type of fishing rod and line required for our products, however as quality varies heavily between different brands and types of fishing rods, you should take into account whether the rod you are using yourself is suitable for the item, instead of the item being unsuitable in itself.

Especially when using lures, the best rod to use is a spin rod with a clear lure cast weight rating in grams for reference as to which lures to use, cheaper and lower quality rods will not give this assurance or direction and as such vary greatly in the types of weights they will handle correctly. If this could be your problem, you should first consider purchasing a high quality spin rod, which can be easily identified by a rating of the "Lure cast weight". We recommend a rod with as low cast weight as possible, a minimum cast weight rating of 1 gram is preferred, 2 grams at most. The maximum cast weight is not usually an issue, but the minimum is the key to a good quality rod.

A spin fishing rod with a lure cast weight rating minimum value of 1 gram will ensure compliance with all our lure products and will give you better results in both the short and long term when fishing. Some rods with a heavier maximum value will only be available in 2 gram minimum, this should also work well with most of our products, however a minimum cast weight rating of over 2 grams could become problematic for some of our items. Note that all our lure items show the weight in grams, excluding soft plastics as the weight rating depends on the weighted jig head you are using. Make sure to purchase items which are within the lure cast weight rating of your rod, otherwise the items may not perform as well as they could if using correct equipment.

If a product has failed in any way which is not due to regular damages / losses inclurred while fishing, and your rod is within the correct standards for using the item (as described above), you are welcome to return them for a exchange or refund. It would help that you explain to us the situation in which the damage was realised and whether the item was used or still new. We inspect all products before sending them out for defects, however there may be a rare case where a defect is missed.

If you have read the above and still wish to place a return for your item, our address is located on the original receipt we sent you. If you have lost this receipt, please contact us for our mailing address.

By sending a return, you accept you have read and agree to the complete information in this document.

Please remember to include your original receipt, or a copy of the original receipt, along with a note regarding your reason for return so we can assess the item once it arrives.

Orders which do not include the required information can not be processed, and can not be returned to you. Please ensure all details are correct as advised above when making a return to our company.

This product returns & refunds policy was last revised on the 12th of April, 2014.