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Fishing Rods & Fishing Reels > 1.8m Ultralight Spin Fishing Rod [RR-UL-0001]

1.8m Ultralight Spin Fishing Rod

Carbon Fibre Rod Ideal For Trout / Redfin (0.8g to 10g)
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Recommended for lures between 0.8 grams and 5 grams in weight, however lures up to 10 grams will be suitable.

This is what all our customers have been waiting for, our low cost ultralight trout spin fishing rod.

The rod is a 1.8m total length 3 piece set up, making it easy for transportation, along with great strength and lure ability.

This rod is made from highly flexible carbon fibre with a tiny overall weight of only 100 grams.

The major benefits of this type of fishing rod compared to a regular spin rod is it can handle extremely low weight fishing lures and has a good maximum lure weight of 10 grams.

The rods Rated Lure Cast Weight is 0.8 grams to 5 grams, however this rod will accept any fishing lures from 0.8 grams in weight right up to 10 grams without a problem.

The rod is carbon (graphite) and designed for use with trout, redfin and bass fishing. The rod is extremely light weight with a total of only 100 grams.

The handle is comprised of metal and cork. Appearance should exceed expectations when viewing the photos on the website, this is a really well made and nice looking high quality rod.

Will accept all spin reels we offer, along with most on the market elsewhere.

NOT suitable for baitcaster reels, spin reels ONLY.

Fishing line requirements:

Monofilament: Our range of size 1 monofilament fishing line is suitable for this rod and has a very high weight rating for its size, making it perfect for most redfin, trout and bass you may encounter.

Braided Line: If using a braided main line, then we recommend using our 0.4 range specifically for this fishing rod and other ultralight rods.

If buying your line elsewhere, just aim for the thinnest line possible and ensure it has enough strength for your target fish, any very thin line that can handle 2.5kg or more is well suited for most trout and redfin, however ideally in the event of larger or stronger fish a 4kg minimum should be safe.
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