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Tackle Accessories > Ultimate Fishing Lure Pack 2 [FRESHWATER-LURE-PACK-002]

Ultimate Fishing Lure Pack 2

Suits All Freshwater Fishing
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Freshwater lure fishing essentials, perfect for targeting all freshwater species such as Trout, Redfin, Golden Perch, Macquarie Perch, Murray Cod and Australian Bass.


3 x Realistic Hard Body Deep Diving Lures.
Colours / Pattern: Redfin Perch, Yellow Perch and Rainbow Trout.
Size: 8cm / 80mm
Weight: 7 grams
Diving Depth: 2.0 meters to 5.5 meters depending on retrieve speed. Perfect for deeper rivers and lakes.

2 x Redfin Pattern Soft Plastic Lures
Weight: 1 x 11 grams and 1 x 20 grams
Realistic redfin pattern soft plastic lure, very productive when fishing for redfin, suitable for all species.

1 x Realistic Shrimp Lure
Perfect in both fresh water rivers and all salt water fishing. When fishing in freshwater rivers these imitate australian glass shrimp, a natural food source for most river fish.

1 x Fish Lip Grips
For lifting fish out of water via the mouth (lips), suitable for fish weighing up to 15kg from the water.

Our Xmas gift to you, get in quick as we only have 5 available, once sold there will be no more!
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