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Tackle Accessories > Tiny Silver Pocket Light / Torch [TA-LI-S-0001]

Tiny Silver Pocket Light / Torch

Adjustable Beam Width / LED. Batteries included
Regular Price:   $3.70
Special Price:   $2.00
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Tiny LED torch / light ideal for searching tackle boxes and rigging lines at night.

LED bulb produces a very bright white light.

Supplied light can be adjusted to focus on either a single point or a wide beam to cover more area.

Can be clipped onto your jackets front zipper so you have immediate access whenever you need it.

Length of 56mm / 5.6cm (excluding metal clip)
Width of 15.5mm / 1.55cm

Metal clip inner diameter of 42.6mm / 4.26cm

Batteries are included. Ready to use.
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