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Fishing Rods & Fishing Reels > Simple Modern Baitcaster Reel [RR-BC-B-0001]

Simple Modern Baitcaster Reel

Good For Learning / Beginners. Baitcaster Rod Required.
Regular Price:   $24.00
Special Price:   $19.00
Availability: Temporarily Out Of Stock
Recommended for casting rods / baitcaster fishing rods only. We offer a cheap carbon ultralight rod for $65 in our Rods and Reels section that will suit this baitcaster reel perfectly.

Simple modern style baitcaster reel. Suit fishers who are looking to move from Spin reels to Baitcaster / Baitcasting, or those who already use baitcasters and want a smaller, more portable and lighter weight option.

Simple operation and low cost to allow for easy fishing and learning the ways of using a baitcaster reel.

3.3:1 Ratio

Right Handed Only
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