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Tackle Accessories > Large Solid Fishing Priest [TA-PR-0001]

Large Solid Fishing Priest

Green Fish Dispatch Rod. Heavy 100g Stainless Steel Head
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Large heavy & solid Stainless steel head with aluminum lower section & waterproof foam handle, fitted with a wrist cord to prevent loss in the water.

Total weight 103 grams, 24cm length. Solid steel head width of 22mm (2.2cm).

Perfect for easy dispatch of most small / medium size fish species. Secure fish upright in either a fishing net or by hand, place solid continuous strikes with the top end of the priest to the fishes head directly at the top just behind the eyes to quickly kill the fish.

Suitable for most fish up to a maximum of around 45cm. Ideal for trout, redfin perch, carp, bream, pinky snapper, mullet, short-finned eel, Australian perch species and Australian bass.

The easiest method of dispatch by far I have found is to use a squared mesh net as a landing net, these are thin woven nets surrounded by a regular square or rectangular fishing net hoop (aluminium frame) and handle. Placing the fish in this net you can then lay the fish on the ground placing the frame just behind the fish, push the front of the frame along the ground up to the fish, allowing it to instantly stand the fish upwards secured between the tightened net and the front of the frame, strikes to the head can then be carried out easily and quickly to kill the fish painlessly. This will not damage the mesh net and works very well on all species mentioned above.

All fish which are not being returned to the waters should be killed as quickly as possible to minimise stress to the fish from air exposure. Leaving a fish out of water to die on it's own accord causes severe suffering to the fish, dispatch using a fishing priest in the correct manner causes an immediate death, the process is not difficult to carry out and one can easily learn at the first attempt.
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