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Tackle Accessories > Electronic Fishing Bite Alarm [TA-BA-0002]

Electronic Fishing Bite Alarm

Fishing Line Movement Sensor. Adjustable Alarm Volume
Our Price:   $7.80
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Small non slip clip on fishing bite alarm.

Attaches to your fishing rod, with fishing line wrapped inward and outward at the swivel points, when a large movement is detected in the line an alarm will sound from the speaker.

A small red LED also lights up when a bite is detected. Batteries are included with this unit and has an on / off switch to save battery life when not in use.

On the top of the alarm you will notice a small metal hoop, you place your fishing line through this hoop and then clip the alarm onto the rod, when this thin metal hoop is pulled outwards, the alarm will sound.

This alarm does not work on rod movement but solely upon the movement of the fishing line, this produces a much better indication of a fish biting or taking your bait.

Very easy to set up, can attach both to the fishing rod and fishing line together easily to get the alarm operational in well under 1 minute.

Batteries are included.
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