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Spin Fishing Lures > 3.5 Gram Spin Vibrating Lure [SL-V-0008L]

3.5 Gram Spin Vibrating Lure

Red / Blue / Iridescent. Suit Ultralight Fishing Rod
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3.5 gram spin lure with strong vibrating action, exceptionally good for trout and redfin fishing. A good all round spin lure that will handle most spin rods provided they are light weight and have high flexibility.

Total length (including hook): 55mm (5.5cm)

The center of the lure is Yellow, the lure blade is Silver with a design pattern containing Red, Green and Yellow printed over a reflective surface to create what is known as rainbow iridescence as the blade spins.

Depending on the position of the blade to the light source, multiple and differing bright colour patterns will reflect off the surface, this feature is added in an attempt to further catch the attention of passing and nearby fish.

The lure not only spins but produces strong vibrations in the water from the unique central bell device, alerting fish to the presence of the lure and increasing the chance of a strike.
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